Why You Should Take Your Child in a Thai International School

One of the biggest challenges of moving into a new country is finding a school for your child. Many parents usually prefer sending their children to international schools to maintain consistency and ensure that they get a quality education.

Here are the top reasons why you should take your child to a Thai international school.

Seamless Transition

Most international schools in Thailand follow a universal curriculum. Your child will have a smooth transition to the new learning environment, especially if they are already familiar with the international curriculum. Also, these institutions admit students throughout the year.

Small Class Sizes

Thai international schools have a few students in each class, especially when compared to regular schools. Teachers can give more attention to students, which translates into better academic performances.

Better Job Opportunities

Students from international schools have an advantage over other applicants when seeking jobs. This is because such institutions have better teaching methods that produce holistic individuals. There is also a perception that international school offer better quality education than regular schools.

Exposure to Different People

International students have students from various backgrounds.  Exposure to different people allows your children to appreciate others and understand the dynamism of culture. This way, they are less likely to engage in social vices such as racism and discrimination.

Advanced Facilities

Thai international schools have several advanced facilities to help in teaching. For example, well-equipped labs ensure that students practice what they lean in theory classes. Also, familiarising with advanced equipment makes the transition to college easier.

Extra-curricular Activities

Most Thai international schools complement academics with outdoor activities such as field trips, art, and sport. Field trips are particularly useful in building social skills, as the students get the chance to interact with society.

On the other hand, art and sport are useful in breaking the monotony of classwork, which usually hurts performance. They also build teamwork and more importantly, ensure that your child is fit and healthy.


Thai international schools are the best option if you want to get a quality education for your kids. With admissions made throughout the year, you are almost guaranteed of a spot in these prestigious institutions.

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