Tips to Choose the Best Bangkok International School

There are many things to be considered when it comes to choosing the best international school in the city of Bangkok. From curriculum to location, and facilities to extracurricular activities, you’ll want to make a check list of what your priorities are before you start and here are some key points to get you going.

You will want decide on what sort of curriculum you want. Perhaps you’ll be best served by an international curriculum consisting of essential skills like literacy, mathematics, digital media and digital skills. You would also do well to find a Bangkok international school curriculum with transferable skills too. Skills like critical thinking, creativity, resilience, and communication, among other things.

Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world with nearly the most traffic per capital across the globe. So choosing an international school in Bangkok that is in the right proximity range for you is very important. Because of traffic and other factors it takes a lot of time to travel from place to place around this enormous city. You’ll do well for yourself to factor in all elements of commute, time, and space when choosing a Bangkok international school.

Bangkok international schools are widely known across Asia as being at the top of the list when it comes to facilities. However, there are some that go above and beyond. This is something you will need to decide. For instance are you happy with better than average to very good facilities or are you looking for the full-on new age luxury style campus? This will correlate to what type of money you are able or willing to spend when choosing your school.

Extracurricular Activities
Another important thing to consider is how important are extracurricular activities to you and your aspiring pupil. Then, decide what kind of extracurricular activities you are seeking. Are you looking for an international school that does the status quo activities after school? Or are you looking for a school that goes above and beyond? Maybe you want a school that does a great deal of humanitarian or charity work? Maybe you want a school that has many after-school sports programs? Either way, you’ll have many choices when you choosing a Bangkok international school.

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