Mindfulness Training: 5 Things you must know

Mindfulness meditation training can be a closed book until you start exercising. This is very true for those who are at the early stage of training. Here are five hints to ease your journey through the art.
1. All You Need Is a Quiet Space
Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere. You don’t need to buy a special chair or an expensive mat. While it is not a bad idea to get a mat or chair or designate an extra room for training, note that these things are not necessary. The only needed material is a quiet space and of course, your time.
2. You can’t mute your mind
The only time the mind is silent is after death. More so, that is not what we aim to do in the process of mindfulness training. Rather, we aim to focus on the moment without reservations. Note the difference so you understand what you are trying to do.
3. Be Prepared For Distractions
This will definitely happen. Someone might walk into the room, you might receive a phone call or a text while you are in the process of mindfulness training. Take note of these distractions and think of ways to prevent them in subsequent training sessions.
4. The Sentimental Nature Of The Brain Will Set In
In the event of mindfulness meditation training, the brain can be judgmental at times. We criticize ourselves for past actions. This is a form of inner distraction. The simple way to handle this is to let them pass. Do not judge yourselves for whatever feelings that come up while exercising. Rather, just pay attention to the sensation they give you.
5. The Main Exercise Lies In Channeling Your Attention Back To The Present
While exercising, you will have to do a lot of returning your mind to the present again and again. This is simply because your brain has been wired to process numerous thoughts. That is why the major task in mindfulness training is returning your focus back your breath. The more you do this at regular intervals, the lesser the likelihood of distraction at subsequent sessions.
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