Everything You Should Know About The IB Of Bangkok

At the International Schools Bangkok, students study through the IB programme, or the International Baccalaureate set of courses. The curriculum is respected, recognized and well-known all over the world for helping young adults and children to develop into well-rounded learners who understand how to figure out critically and virtually be the most involved and simply the best global citizens. The IB sets of courses were created for increased mobility and adaptability of the learners. Today, there are more than 5,000 IB schools with over 1 million IB learners in 146 countries.

Taking your child to an IB institution in Bangkok will definitely provide them with preeminent international perspective, and at the same time allow them to explore and maintain their mother tongue language and their home culture. All IB international schools in Thailand are certified and are frequently visited by the IB officials to make sure that high standards of IB are maintained by each of the institutions.

The school selected the International Baccalaureate as its curriculum. Since that time the school has been an IB World School of all the times. The IB set of courses guide kids from three to nineteen years old in their important struggle of learning. At International Schools Thailand students in Bangkok learn in the IB Diploma Programme, the IB Middle Years Programme, and the IB Primary Years Programme.

Some of the common aspects in every single IB programme consist of educating learners to think about their well being, to make positive changes to the world, to have a global perspective, and to take control of their own learning. The children hope to attain this through the IB Leaner Profile.

The International baccalaureate students aim to be reflective, balanced, risk-takers, caring, open-minded, principled, communicators, well thinkers and knowledgeable. All these attributes are geared towards making the IB Student Profile perfect and to help learners to be successful in their studies. If your child joins any IB institution, especially the KIS International School in Bangkok you can be sure of best results.