Do’s And Don’ts When Setting Up a Company in Thailand

Thailand is one of the emerging places in Southeast Asia where the business opportunity lies. There is no wonder why many foreign investors choose the country as their partner in setting up a new business. There are arrays of opportunity every business individual can get in the country. With a stable economy and with the rich resources that stay within the country, there is no reason for not becoming a successful business owner there. And to make everything legal, you need to have a company registration in Thailand.

Wait! Before you take a serious step and invest into something beneficial, you need to understand that there are steps you have to consider or need to avoid. For your company registration in Thailand, here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to see:

Do’s When Setting Up a Company in Thailand

If you are not familiar with the legalities in setting up a business in Thailand, you may more likely need to seek a professional assistance from the experts. Prior to your company registration in Thailand, ask for agents who will help you in the process so it becomes fast and easy.

Do think that a 100% ownership in Thailand is possible after you take the processes. Set up your business there and you’ll reap a fruit of your labor.

For the company registration in Thailand, always make sure that you secure all the requirements needed so you can make your business legal and make the process fast.

Do register a business name, a proper office address, and have a design of a company stamp. All of your company directors, at the same time, need to be available when signing the application papers. All of your shareholders have to sign the printed copy of their own passport.

Do attend the interview session and other legal processing after submitting your requirements. In some cases, you are given 10 days to come back and have your interview session with the senior staff in company registration in Thailand.

Do pay the tax required so you can help the economy of the country, in return of permitting your business operates. Like other countries, this tax practice is made both for local and foreign business owners.

Don’ts When Setting Up a Company in Thailand

Don’t think that you can take the process of company registration in Thailand alone. Ask for professional assistance from the consultants or agents who have experience of doing the registration process. Don’t rely to novice ones.

Don’t operate an illegal business in the country. Always make sure to have a company registration in Thailand so you’ll become legal and free to run your business. Once you engage in any illegalities, you are facing a serious trouble there.

Don’t start your business if you are not done with the company registration in Thailand. It is important that before your business operates, you are already holding your proof of operation.

There they are. Stay guided so you can have a legal business operation in the country. For your company registration in Thailand, make sure to know the right steps.

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